The Operations Division is overseen by Police Captain Rick Moore.

The Operations Division is comprised of those activities that are directly related to field enforcement.  In addition to the patrol function, this division encompasses the Traffic Bureau, Personnel and Training, the Reserve Officer Program, Public Information, Emergency Preparedness, and Professional Standards.


The primary responsibility of the Patrol Bureau is to ensure the safety and security of the community.  Combining traditional enforcement with creative problem solving strategies, the Patrol Bureau responds to calls for service, as our motto states, Every Hour, Every Day.  As the most visible representatives of the Police Department, Patrol Officers make customer service a priority while preventing crime, enforcing laws, and apprehending criminals.   With an average response time to Emergency Calls of less than 3 minutes, the Department is among the quickest, if not the quickest in the County.

Managing resources to maximize efficiency, ensuring officer safety and providing the best professional customer service possible are the cornerstones of the Department’s effective service.  The Department collaborates with Seal Beach and Cypress to ensure an exceptional response to high risk incidents.   Sharing a common radio frequency and mapped command boards allow the Watch Commanders of all three cities to assess available resources for critical incidents.



Although the City of Los Alamitos is only 4.3 square miles, it encompasses more than 29 miles of roadway.  The main arterial roadways carry a volume of traffic that averages more than 170,000 vehicles per day through the City.  The intersection of Los Alamitos Boulevard and Katella Avenue is one of the busiest in Orange County.  With a population of approximately 12,000, the majority of this is commuter traffic.  A comprehensive traffic program is overseen by a Sergeant.  Integrating public safety campaigns with directed enforcement, the Department is effective in mitigating many traffic issues.

Routine traffic enforcement is provided by a motorcycle officer, as well as all other police officers assigned to patrol.  The Traffic Bureau is responsible for enforcing traffic laws, investigating collisions and educating the community about traffic safety.  Although minor collision investigations are handled by patrol officers, major and fatal collision investigations are conducted by specially trained members of the interagency Serious Traffic Accident Response (STAR) Team.   Parking Control, red light photo enforcement, and crossing guards are also part of the Traffic Bureau.


Public Information

Law enforcement has a unique relationship with the media. It is an art to balance the dissemination of information for safety awareness with an individual’s right to privacy.  It is further complicated by the legal requirements of the California Public Records Act.  Transparency is a necessary component of gaining or maintaining the public’s trust so we often see the media as a liaison to the public.  The responsibility of serving as the Police Department’s Public Information Officer is assigned to the Operations Captain.

Professional Standards

The purpose of Professional Standards is to ensure the public trust and integrity of the Los Alamitos Police Department is maintained at the highest levels through the objective, complete, and impartial investigation of allegations of misconduct.  We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining employees who demonstrate a considerable degree of character and ethical behavior.  The dedicated men and women who serve the Los Alamitos community value the rights of all citizens and understand the importance of maintaining and improving upon their well deserved reputation of fostering positive community relationships.  Accordingly, the police department is keenly aware of its responsibility in preserving its credibility, trust, and respect within the community and is committed to vigorously investigating allegations of misconduct.


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